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complete cat food menu

All meals are prepared in our cattery kitchen.  We only feed complete cat foods as these are what's best for the cats.  We offer a wide variety of branded food and for each of these we serve a variety of flavours and do our best to ensure your kitty never gets the same flavour twice in a row.

Each meal consists of a portion of wet food (although of course you can opt for a dry food only diet), a portion of biscuits and often a little treat, such as cooked chicken or tuna.  Each food offered will be age appropriate to the cat.  Filtered water is available at all times.

We're happy to feed prescription or specialist diets, including raw food, but you'll need to provide enough for the duration of your cat's stay.


Milk on request (that's your request, not theirs)

  • Felix As Good as it Looks

    • Fish and meat flavours in jelly​

    • Senior in jelly

  • Sheba

    • Fish and poultry Fine Flakes in Jelly

  • Whiskas

    • Fish and meat flavours in jelly​

    • 7+ Senior in jelly

  • Gourmet Perle​

    • Fish and meat flavours in gravy​


  • Royal Canin Feline​

    • Exigent Fussy Cats

    • Sterilised +7 Cat

  • Iams

    • for Vitality Adult

    • for Vitality Senior

  • Hills Science Plan​

    • Adult Optimal Care​

    • Mature Adult 7+

If you don't wish to specify a dry food we'll feed a variety of the above

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