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pet hotel grooming
Physical Wellbeing

All our suites are designed in accordance with the latest Animal Welfare guidelines and meet the Higher Standards.  The features and layout are carefully thought through and demonstrate the years of experience of the team at Peticular Pens.  

All the materials used are cat friendly, there's no silicone sealer and all the mesh is stainless steel.

All suites and equipment are cleaned and disinfected with cat friendly products between guests.

All cats in our care are insured against accident, injury and illness (ongoing conditions are not covered).

Stress Management

Each suite is carefully furnished to add comfort and interest for our guests.  Everyone receives a hidey bed and a litter tray, something to scratch and fleece mats to soak up their scent and make them feel right at home.

We have a good selection of toys and puzzle feeders and everyone gets a view of our garden, always full of birds, and bats in the evenings, and full of swooping swallows all summer through.

We monitor our guests' mood on a daily basis and take action for anyone suffering from anxiety, stress or frustration.  We use Pet Remedy Pet Calming Products where we think these might help.


We'll always handle cats in accordance with icatcare's (formally the feline advisory bureau) cat handling guidelines and we'll vary how much we handle them based on how much they like it.  Each cat wants more or less interaction and this might change from day to day.

Grooming is a great way to bond with a cat and never goes amiss.  We'll always give grooming a go, but we can't promise to be successful!

We're happy to brush your cat's teeth, please provide their normal tooth brush and paste.  Just bear in mind that we won't force them if they don't want to let us do it.

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