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Single Suite, One Cat - £12 per night

Single Suite, Two Cats Sharing - £18 per night

Single Suite, Three Cats Sharing - £24 per night

Double Suite, One Cat - £24 per night

Double Suite, Two Cats Sharing - £24 per night

Double Suite, Three Cats Sharing - £27 per night

Double Suite, Four Cats Sharing - £30 per night

Double Suite, Five Cats Sharing - £33 per night

Double Suite, Six Cats Sharing - £36 per night


We're here if you need us.  We're happy to take advanced bookings and we have availability throughout the spring and summer.  We just ask for as much notice as possible if you need to make an amendment or cancellation, just keep us in the loop if you think things might change, we're working to be as flexible as possible. 


We look forward to seeing our furry friends again soon!